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Latest News Spring 2017


Finally, Winter has left and Spring has arrived. In July about 85 families and friends, SF Nelson staff and committee enjoyed a fun and entertaining Mid-Winter Dinner,  which brightened a cold winters evening with delicious food and karaoke entertainment!  Many thanks to Dave and Lisa for providing the karaoke and to all the volunteers who helped set up, prepare the food & clean up.  Also many thanks to Nick Smith for the use of his meeting room.


There is plenty of activity coming up in October during Mental Health Awareness week  9-15 October.  SF Nelson is supporting the Sunrise walk for Wellbeing at 6am on October 14  (we hope some of you will be able to join us and see the sun rise) and an art exhibition “Untitled – stories of the unheard’ at Alchemy Café in Richmond will also be on display during the week.  There are 13 artists between the ages of 16 and 24 represented in this exhibition,  whose artwork encapsulates a mental health theme and tells the personal stories of the artists.  


SF Nelson committee AGM will be on 22nd November at 6.30pm.  Dick Brown, chair of SFNZ will be speaking about a national SFNZ re-organisation proposal.  Ken Mason the SFNZ Patron and  author of the 1996 Mason Report on the inquiry into mental health services in NZ also has intentions of attending the meeting and will briefly discuss his views on the present situation.  We encourage all members and interested people to attend


Mental Health Awareness Week                    

9-15 October:



The week is endorsed by the World Federation for Mental Health and marked in over 150 countries.  In New Zealand it's celebrated to coincide with World Mental Health Day, 10 October. 


Why nature? Because it’s great for everyone! The Mental Health Foundation of NZ is encouraging Kiwis from all walks of life to stop thinking of nature as something locked away in national parks and forests but as the daisies in the berm, the tree outside the window and the vast, beautiful sky above.  Spending time with nature: 


Makes us feel happier and more optimistic

Restores us when we’re feeling run-down

Reduces stress

Improves life satisfaction, and much more!


Like getting our 5+ a day, we all instinctively know we should be spending more time in the wild but it can feel too hard to cram into our already hectic schedules. This MHAW we want to show you just how easy it can be to unlock your wellbeing and spend time with the nature you live, play and work amongst every day.  Register on the Mental Health Foundation website now to be kept in the loop about activities, competitions and resources.  You will find some great ideas that you can try for connecting with nature the week on 





Families, whanau, consumers and support people recently attended a presentation about Employment Support for people who have a mental illness and addiction challenges.  Helen Lockett and Warren Elwin from Work Counts are sponsored by the MOH to assist employment support.  They met with clinical teams, employment support services, consumers, family/whānau and primary mental health contacts as well as Work and Income representatives to find out how local processes, systems and services for employment currently work.  They will be providing NMDHB with some advice on possible ideas for improvements and some observations they made during their visit. 


Their key message is that ‘employment is a health intervention’.  Employment supports recovery and brings benefits for the person, employers and the health system when people are able to retain work through a period of mental ill health or return to work as soon as possible after an episode.  As well as being a source of income, employment contributes to social connection, self-esteem and a sense of purpose.  


 Information presented by Warren and Helen identified that there is lower utilisation of mental health and addiction services if people are in work.  


Work Counts promote the evidence based, best practice principles for employment support across the system: 

1. Open access for those who express a desire to work

2.   Employment support integrated with clinical services

3.  Rapid job search (within about 4 weeks of engagement with the service)

4.  Individualised, tailored services

5.  Focus on competitive employment (real jobs with real pay)

6. Job development/job carving

7. Ongoing support to employee and employer

8. Financial guidance for the employee/job seeker


During the forums held it was strongly conveyed by services, consumers and their families that there is much support for this approach and of this being the NMDHB approach.  Jane Kinsey, General Manager of Mental Health, Addictions and Disability Support Services said “I am a strong advocate of employment as a key determinant of health and I’m looking forward to working across the system and with other sectors to improve rates of employment among our MHA client population.”





Single Point of Entry Mental Health (SPOE):


 For referral to Nelson Mental Health services phone 0800 776 364.


  SPOE operates Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.


 Crisis after hours calls should be made by calling the hospital 5461800 and asking for the on call Mobile Crisis Team.    


Suicide Crisis Helpline 0508 828 865  (0508 TAUTOKO)


assists those in distress, or those who are concerned about the wellbeing of someone else.            



Depression Helpline (open 24/7)  0800 111 757


Need to Talk   Call or Text 1737

SF Nelson

Supporting Families in Mental Illness